Arts Gymnasium: Their Story by Andrew Cardinal

I am Andrew Cardinal, studying Media Production. My film delves into participants’ personal experiences gained from going to the Arts Gymnasium. Throughout this experience, I noticed their togetherness and also their playfulness. So much so, the time I spent there I really felt like I was a part of the group . I believe I capture their togetherness and playfulness in their personal testimonies.Andrew Cardinal, Year 1 Media Production student


Arts Gymnasium: Wednesdays in Willenhall by Christian Sterk

I am Christian Sterk, Media Production student. As a videographer I spent some time with the participants in Willenhall. I got to know them well and for my documentary I decided to focus on what it is like for them to go to these sessions. I believe they are really benefiting from the Arts Gymnasium.Christian Sterk, Year 1 Media Production student


Arts Gymnasium: Berta Sánchez Hueso

I am Berta Sánchez Hueso, Media Production and Journalism student. My video intends to explore the relationships created in the workshops. It became clear that the playfulness, comradery and friendship between them are the real protagonists of the project. As one of the participants described it, it is “an adult playgroup”, which works as a perfect summary of what I wanted to portray in my piece.Berta Sánchez Hueso, Year 2 Media Production student