Contemporary practice placements for Occupational Therapy students at the Belgrade



Most recently, we have negotiated the first two contemporary practice placements for two third year occupational therapy students, from the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences (HLS), CU. The students will spend three days per week at the Belgrade Theatre as part of the Arts Gymnasium (AG) project, with one day split site in a community mental health team, and one day for research and study on campus, starting Sept 2017 for 12 weeks. Working with colleagues in Occupational Therapy, HLS, and through established connections with the Belgrade team, the placements provide exciting opportunities for the Theatre to extend its practices into being a ‘health provider’ as an arts and culture organization. The Occupational Therapy students will act as mediators and advocates between health services and the arts.

This is an exciting next stage development, aiming to not only strengthen intergenerational relationships between students and residents on Coventry, but to provide health students with contemporary learning experiences through the arts.

The students will also play a valuable role in supporting the evaluation process and ongoing exploration into the impact of the AG on people, practice and policy.